themasterofyourfates decided to join the party









No he won’t.

Can you imagine if Ko fell in love with older Doctor

But then to preserve the fabric of time the Doctor had to send him back

And then the Master spends the rest of his first few regenerations heartbroken and furious because his current Theta doesn’t love him, and the Theta that claimed to love him sent him away

The worst part is that his bitterness eventually drives away everyone in his present timeline

So then he decides fuck it he will just take over everything

Because if the universe belongs to him, it can no longer surprise him

Woah woah hang on there. I’m the one who’s suppose to do the hurting.


((I’ve been going through the blog and I’ve hit the part where I was RPing right after the Ponds left on Doctor Who.

Omg.. It actually hurts…

My pain’s showing through the Master’s. I wrote him upset to the point he’s accepting hugs from Rose and Moran and he’s have a night in with Lucy.

But then there’s Four. XD The two start out find for the first couple of posts. THEN BAMMM! They get into a huge argument about who’s got it worse. Haha!!))

((Seriously. No words for this. 

Thanks guys. You’re all really truly amazing. 

I’m really going to miss you. All of you. 

((I swear this is not the last of my RP days. My RPness will return one day and when it does I’ll be back here!

Until then I’ll be on the main account, watching you all be fantastically brilliant!))

((I feel like this is the moment I’m suppose to regenerate. XD))


((Guys. This is going to be painful but I just can’t make any more excuses.

Honesty time.

My RP muse has left me and I’m buried in school work. Whenever I RP I drop the post in matter of hours because my attention gets pulled to other things.

I can’t RP right now, and chances are that’s not going to change for awhile.

I’m seriously so sorry if this messes up any of your plots/character developments. But I can’t force myself to write these RPs when my heart isn’t in it. It’ll make RPing feel like a chore and odds are that I’ll start hating Master and all my other RP accounts included if I force myself to write something I’m not putting my all into.

With that being said, as much as I don’t want to, it’s unfair of me to hold onto a character that I’m doing nothing with. So with teary eyes and I’m likely going to hate myself for this later, I’m pulling my Master account out of SuperWhoLockinSpace. 

I’m still going to keep up with the main page, so I’m not disappearing entirely, but for now I’m going to re-open the role. So maybe someone who has time can take the role.

I feel like I’m literally ripping out a piece of my heart and stomping on it right now. I’ve been sitting here bawling with my mouse hovered over the create post button for thirty minutes now.

Again… So sorry.))

Sometimes you have to let go to see if there was anything worth holding on to.
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((I start a plot then disappears for days.

Let’s all just agree that I’m a terrible RP partner.))

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